At Little Sparrows the staff encourage the children to access the full range of activities available to them during each session and to independently access the free choice resources.

Children have free flow access to the outdoors daily and are encouraged to take part in outdoor physical play such as: football, trampoline, running balancing and climbing.

The garden area mirrors learning from the inside of the nursery, with outdoor cupboards for self selection. The children can choose writing and drawing, exploring, building bricks and role play toys, as well as larger physical equipment: climbing frames, bikes, scooters and footballs. Sand and water play are always available.

The Key Persons also carry out fun activities through play for each of her children. These are extended in order to meet the childrens individual needs, and she observes so that she can plan the next steps. Children are constantly being praised and encouraged during the session.

Children with special needs  are planned for on an individual basis by the key person so that they can access the activities and learning in all areas of the nursery. In their pre-school year the children participate in a programme of activities to help prepare them for the move to Reception class. This is a fun way to learn the basic pre-writing and pre-reading skills, as well as improving their communication skills, social development, and mathematical skills.  

The pre-school programme also includes a weekly Forest School session. During Forest School the children are encouraged to think for themselves, take small risks and work together, and are always praised for doing so.  This builds independence, confidence and self-esteem.